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Date: 1-16-2019
Word Limit: 2000
Words Written: 17,787

Judges (crits):
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Two brave combatants enter the Chili arena. One clutches steel the other, a sling. They make fightin eyes at one another and just before the battle begins A TWIST NOBODY COULD HAVE EVER IMAGINED OCCURS!

The ground quakes as each combatant drops their weapon of choice. They scramble and OH MY GOD WHAT A FUCKING TWIST

Third picks up the sling, and Slip picks up the sword!!!!

Brawl: Wrongful Weaponry

Third, your protag must use:

In a meaningful way in your story

And SlipUp your character must use:

In a meaningful way in your story

2 Total Participants:
Round 1
Entering and Breaking
Old World Blues