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Date: 06-03-2022
Word Limit: 600
Words Written: 20,507

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A fight broke out in discord and now Muffin and crabrock are itching to spill blood. I will judge their terrible bout! Each combatant will write me 600 words, and the due date is 11:59 Pacific on Wednesday, June 8th (or whenever I wake up the next morning).

For your prompt, your stories must in some way channel the energy of this tweet:

"@kevins_computer: *trailer for new fromsoft game* Ahh,, fucked up little man. youre so fucked up, and nasty. everything, it sucks soooo bad. only you , thje most fucked up and nasty of guys, can make it suck less"

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Round 1
The Worms, My Love
i hate you so much, that it makes me sick