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Date: 7-16-2014
Word Limit: 2000
Words Written: 37,053

Judges (crits):
Brawl Archivist:

Step 1: Pick a painting by M.C. Escher
Step 2: Use it as inspiration for your story
Step 3: Write your story so I can understand what is going on
Step 4: Stop at maximum 2.000 words (if you waste them I will be so mad)
Step 5: Edit, proofread, submit, don't forget your picture

Special rules:
PootieTang must send me his draft 24-72 hours before the deadline. If I find a ton of errors, they better not be in the final story.
Fuschia tude's story must present a problem in the beginning, and resolve it by the end.

2 Total Participants:
Round 1
Always Wear a Condom Part Six: Escape to Which Mountain?
Fuschia tude
Drawing Perspective