Week #493 - Hope is Absurd
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Honorable Mention

This story was critiqued by:
Noah (crit)
Staggy (crit)
Nae (crit)
Chernobyl Princess (crit)
Sitting Here (crit)
Chairchucker (crit)
Captain_Indigo (crit)
SurreptitiousMuffin (crit)
flerp (crit)

Having only ever heard of these struggles in bedtime stories, the main character loses what's dearest to them when they discover that the uneasy peace that holds across the land will soon collapse and plunge the world into a chaos; it requires them to re-evaluate their current lifestyle.Refusing to back down, the main character, without thinking ahead, becomes involved in the situation to resolve it from the inside.

Johan, Johan!

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