Week #133 - The Gods of Thunderdome
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Fumblemouse (crit)

God 1: The Monkey has seven arms, and each arm touches a different corner of the world. He has no eyes on his face, but instead a single great eye in the middle of his stomach. When his belly rumbles, the leaves turn red and fall away in fright.

God 2: Vorun the Sunken, God of Song. Possessed a voice without equal which allowed him to shape the world around him. Out of jealousy, another god sewed his mouth shut and cast him into the sea.

God 3: Inanis is the goddess of nothingness. When the universe was created, she saw the evil that it really was. She now spins the wheel of time, bringing things closer and closer to its inevitable nothingness, even herself.

How the stars found their fire

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