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Date: 7-7-2014
Word Limit: 1200
Words Written: 33,853

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Ugh. All that camaraderie last week made me sick. Time to kill each other. This week is basically a mandatory Brawl week, but with a few caveats.


Team Sun and Team Ock have been at war forever, and will always be at war. Write a story about fighting the other team. The prompt is wide open in respects to genre: historical fiction, contemporary war, sci-fi, etc. However, remember that the basis of every good story is a good CHARACTER. Don't rely too much on the tropes of war. Let me know why your individual character is fighting, and make them have goals and shit. Don't spend your whole story describing an action scene, or you will LOSE SO HARD.

People be asking this a lot in IRC so I'll clarify here. Your story doesn't have to involve actual fighting, just some aspect of war.

There are lots of things that happen during war that aren't directly combat related, and those are fine to write about (maybe even better? I dunno how good you are at writing a trench scene and making it good).

You don't have to explicitly mention the "other team." That's more for the purposes of deciding the winner and exempting people from DMs/Loss.

1. You will sign up. After you enter, I will assign you to a team. Team Sun, or Team Ock.
2. After signups close, you'll see who you are up against. I will make my best effort to pair you up with somebody with a similar skill level, but this will not always be possible. Fight hard, fight well.
3. The judges will give points to the team that wins each brawl. All the points will be tallied at the end, and the Team with the most points wins.
4. If you are on the winning team you are immune from a DM or loser. Yup, even if you write the worst story.
5. Likewise, nobody from the losing team can win, war isn't fair. They can still HM though if they do well.

3 Total Submissions, 5 Total Failures:
Team SunTeam Ock
Honorable Mention
Ironic Twist
Dishonorable Mention
Fuschia tude
Honorable Mention
Sitting Here
Little Ants
Honorable Mention
The Vulture

Failures who signed up but did not submit: