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Date: 10-6-2014
Word Limit: 750
Words Written: 15,061

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My wife invited a couple over for dinner, because that is a grown up thing and I am grown up as fuck. Unfortunately, I was not done with my story by the time our guests arrived. "But I have internet things to do!" isn't a valid excuse for skipping ADULT things so I had to bribe my wife. I told her if she gave me 10 more minutes to finish up my story and post it, I'd let her choose the prompt on the off-chance I won. Then I told people in IRC about it, so now I have to stick to it.

Hope you guys like cats.

And dongs.

Cause this a two-parter prompt.

The first part of your sign up is to include a craigslist missed connection post from your local area. What are those? Oh man, you are in for an amazing treat. Missed Connections is where shy/creepy people go to post about how they totally saw a cute girl at safeway when she was buying batteries. They get home and think "I totally could have fucked that battery girl," and so they post on the internet about it. They are some of my favorite things to read.

When you signup, include a full copy-paste of your craigslist missed connection post, as well as the link. Because of their often creepy nature, they're sometimes deleted. For posterity, copy the entire text of your choice into the thread. Then link it as well so everybody can go see it in its natural habitat.

USE YOUR LOCAL CRAIGSLIST. If you don't have a local, choose the closest thing to you.

The second part is relatively easy, but will be hard to pull off in a competent, unique manner.

You must include a cute animal gif when you sign up. Then your story must encompass this gif AND THE MISSED CONNECTION somehow. It doesn't have to be literal, so if you have a bunch of baby tigers play fighting, your story could involve innocent sibling rivalry.

So sign up, and post your craigslist story and cute animal gif.

Because craigslist missed connections often don't tell the whole story, I'm not expecting an entire story this week. That's right, you vignette lovers can step right up. Just make me happy I read your submission, and we won't get caught up on resolution (most missed connections have no resolution. they exist in a vacuum.)

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