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Date: 12-23-2014
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 14,730

Judges (crits):
Grizzled Patriarch
Ironic Twist

Audio Recap: Sparkly mermen!
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Alright, ladies and gents. I'm still reeling from a night of drunken yuletide jazz club hopping, so we're keeping things simple this holiday season.

Mark Twain once said, "Write what you know." And if I've learned anything from my time in the dome, it's that you guys know hunky merman Christmas ornaments.

So this week, you are going to pick me any one of these tasteful merman ornaments which catches your fancy. Then you are going to write me a story inspired by that merman. Your interpretation can be as strict or as loose as you'd like, so long as I can tell that at least one element of your chosen ornament finds its way into your story.

As a special holiday bonus, this week's winner will be awarded 250 extra words, redeemable during any future week.

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