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Date: 10-29-2012
Word Limit: 1400
Words Written: 15,751

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Fanky Malloons
Bear Sleuth
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As the smoke clears and the bloodstains from the most recent battle get raked back into the sandy floor of the 'dome, the battle scarred winner emerges from the shadows. Biceps rippling, face stylishly streaked with the blood of her opponents, she throws back her head and howls at the moon.

Sup bitches?

This week's prompt, as demanded by Martello is horror

Pfft, you say, that's child's play, you say.

Well, the caveat, demanded by me, is that you are banned from using a supernatural or magical source. The horror must come from something grounded in reality/nature/the real world. That means no zombies, vampires, werewolves, or any other bullshit of that nature.

BONUS POINTS if anyone happens to write a story featuring my secret desired subject matter. That subject matter is not fan fiction, FYI Sitting Here.

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