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Date: 10-19-2015
Word Limit: 1300
Words Written: 25,587

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Morning Bell

Audio Recap: Rogue Week
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Han Solo, Moll Flanders, Ostap Bender, Falstaff. Captain Malcom Reynolds. The big-eared bartender from Deep Space Nine. sebmojo Tyrranosaurus Morning Bell. We love a loveable rogue. Partly by definition, because otherwise they'd just be a rogue, but also because we like a good tale about a cheeky law-breaker with a heart of gold.

This week, I would like you (yes, you!) to write me a story about a loveable rogue. Give me a charming bad-girl or bad-boy rascal who plays by their own rules. I want fun, adventure, intrigue! Swing off a chandelier, seduce that handsome prince, and make off with the Picasso he's got up in the study. Hop aboard a moving tram to escape that chess club you just swindled. Steal my new Camaro, crash it, but make me love you anyway.

Genre stories are obviously cool, so write about space swords or wizard oceans or dolphin-men if you want. It is also OK to write a non-genre story because you are a serious adult who owns an ironing board. Don't feel like you need to write an action piece. Do feel like you need a fun story and an interesting character who is a likable rule-breaker we are charmed by and root for. The loveable rogue is a common character trope so it'd be nice if folks stretched for some originality in other ways (but I know even us loveable rogues don't always get what we want).

Do not write fanfic or erotica.

Please write up to 1,300 words about your loveable rogue. Because loveable rogues in media are usually dudes, and because I will drown myself in wine if I read too much about smarmy cliché chucklefucks winking at sea princesses, you get 1,600 words instead if your loveable rogue is female.

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