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Date: 10-26-2015
Word Limit: 1313
Words Written: 17,541

Judges (crits):
Ironic Twist
Schneider Heim

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'Tis the spooky season, Thunderdome, and truly I am filled with horror by my resumption of the throne. There's only one thing to do: ransack Satan's kitchen for a feast of souls.

There's a folk song I love that goes by many names, among them "Tom O' Bedlam." Maybe you've heard it? No? That's fine! The lyrics of the myriad versions have been compiled for your convenience, and your prompt is to write a story inspired by one of the stanzas. Declare your choice of stanza when you sign up. Note that while many verses are on the dark side, horror is optional. Any mood that doesn't involve porn is welcome.

"But Kaishai," you say, "I can't make up my mind. Will you do it for me?" Yes, you sweet indecisive summer child. The judges will select a verse for you if you ask. On the flip side, no flash rules--we'll hand those out strictly as punishments.

Nonfiction, fanfiction, erotica, poetry, and GoogleDocs are forbidden.

All clear? Good! Welcome to Bedlam, varlets! Enjoy your stay!

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