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Date: 11-10-2015
Word Limit: 1200
Words Written: 14,456

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Audio Recap: Judge Judy Week
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Okay Thunderdome, so I’ve been struggling over this prompt for the entire day. I’m really busy at work, and I spent all of last weekend sick, and my wife has a birthday on Friday. Life is stressful. I had an idea for a prompt this week, but it was overly complicated and stupid, much like my worst stories, so I am throwing it away and we are going to watch some daytime TV instead.

This prompt is simple. When you sign up, I am going to give you the synopsis of a single episode of Judge Judy. This is now the synopsis for your story. These synopses are fairly focused, although you are certainly welcome to take some liberties for the sake of storytelling. However, if you stray too far, you will be held in contempt of Thunderdome, and dealt with accordingly when judgment comes.

Now, if you watch a lot of Judge Judy, as I do, then you know that each episode contains two segments, each with a different participant and conflict. This means that while the synopses are focused, you do get a choice from a selection of two.

If you are feeling daring, and you want to attempt a courtroom gambit, you will be rewarded with an additional 150 words in your story. Playing a courtroom gambit means that you are forgoing your choice of synopsis, and that you will write about a single segment, as assigned by a judge.

Standard TD rules apply.Lastly, please don't try to write a courtroom drama here; I want the story of what happened outside of the courtroom.

    Attention potential litigants

    I shouldn't have to say this, but I will; I do not want to see any courtroom scenes in your stories this week. This should not be Judge Judy fanfic, okay? Use the synopsis as the central plot of the story but add to it and modify the details as needed. Tell me a story about what happened to your characters before the courtroom and modify as needed to craft the best story with your central premise.


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