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Date: 11-30-2015
Word Limit: 1111
Words Written: 13,748

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Audio Recap: Nonsense Week
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When I was but a pink, hairless and blind wee mouse, I used to revel in the nonsense of Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll and the like, as read to me by my mother (because blind) after she finished a fine meal of my siblings. My first pathetic attempts at narrative were in that poetic format, and from that experience I can assure you, Nonsense is Serious Business.

When I grew older, I realised that nonsense is a spectrum, from those simple little poems about dismembered Pobbles and creeper Yonghy-Bonghy-Bos through to the glorious wankery of magical realism. Your challenge this week is to write a nonsense story of some description. Reality is suspended, whimsy and charm are the order of the day. It must, however, still have a narrative arc and all that good story stuff.

"But Fumbles" I hear you cry. "I are serious writer! I write fabuloso tales of gritty urban decay and the sadness of the peeples. How will I ape the Literary Giants of Your Childmouseness?"

"It is so." I reply. "You are terrible and this task is too hard for you. So, if you must, you may steal a plot from the Magical Realism Twitterbot, https://twitter.com/MagicRealismBot who will give you a nonsense plot summary in 140 characters (or less!)". You don't have to admit your failings, but if you are incredi-super-lame you can ask a judge to assign you one.

Special bonus: I have a feeling I may live to regret this, but in honour of our illustrious, Victorian, nonsensical forebears, you may use rhyme to tell your narrative.

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