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Date: 12-29-2015
Word Limit: 1400
Words Written: 14,462

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Audio Recap: Promises unfulfilled
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New Year’s resolutions are kind of bullshit if you think about it. Because you try, you really do, but how the fuck were you supposed to know that your knee would start tickling occasionally after your first week of jogging, and then your doc tells you to go on the elliptical instead if you’re really that worried, but there’s only one gym in the area and Barry goes there and he’s a DICK and getting an elliptical yourself is goddamn expensive and also where the hell are you supposed to put that thing? There's just no space in the basement. Is that your fault? No. It’s not.

You will write about promises this week. Actually, fuck, no, wait, hold on, wait wait WAIT! You will write about characters who are in some way affected by some kind of promise. Maybe they made one, or maybe they’re relying on one or maybe you have a better idea, which by the way is not a challenge for the love of god please don’t get cute with the prompt unless you’re 100% sure what you’re doing I just want to read a nice story. ONE NICE STORY that’s all I’m asking for.

Also this is a good time to reflect on your past misdeeds, so I will give 150 bonus words to anyone who crits a story of their own, preferably one that’s at least a month back. Dig out those oldies and laugh at yourself, or find out just what went wrong with Let’s Get Fucked up on Love week. If this is your first time doing TD I’ll give you the 150 words for free in commemoration of your terrible life choices, but you’re still welcome to crit someone else if you feel like it. Try it! It’s fun to yell at people.

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