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Date: 1-18-2016
Word Limit: 1200
Words Written: 30,980

Judges (crits):
God Over Djinn
Blue Wher

Audio Recap: Sports Week
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Greetings, Thundertopians. In honor of Thundertopian National Day, all citizens will hereby engage in a rousing game of SPORTS.

As in previous years, our SPORTS will be played by two teams: THE RAGING OCKS and THE SPARKLING MERMEN. Your team will be assigned based on comprehensive cerebral analysis. This will require removing a small quantity of brain matter. It will not be returned. Don't ask.

The winning team will be determined based on a series of head-to-head contests. The team that wins the most individual battles will win SPORTS. The losing team will be pulverized.

Participation in Thundertopian National Day is mandatory for all citizens. Please provide your FORUMS USERNAME to confirm your participation. Your team will be assigned at that time. Your opponent will be assigned no later than 10 PM Pacific Time, Thursday, January 21. Your participation must be officially confirmed by 10 PM Pacific Time, Thursday, January 21.

In an inconsequential nod to personal freedoms, you may select your preferred variety of SPORTS. Citizens should be aware that we prefer our sports unconventional in Thundertopia. We do not care for ""football""". There is no need to publicly declare your SPORT.

Collaboration with your team is highly encouraged. Smart collaborations may save you from the wood chipper. Stupid collaborations will result in public humiliation. You are permitted to edit your team's work to your heart's content. However, every Thundertopian must submit a single fictional story of which he or she is the primary author. Poetry and/or creative formatting is permitted but not specifically encouraged.

The subject of your stories is, as implied above, SPORTS.

If your team wins SPORTS, you are safe. You will either win, HM, or receive no mention.

If your team loses SPORTS, you are... unsafe. You will either lose, DM, or receive no mention. You will also be pulverized, in hopes of improving future Thundertopian story quality.

The above is why you should probably help out your team, guys. There also might be exceptions according to my whims. Don't worry, I'm not going to let the next Hemingway lose. That's because none of you are the next Hemingway.

new rule

why bother to be on a team if you aren't gonna help your team out? henceforth, you can share your words with your team. got some extra words? need some extra words? talk to your teammates. they will probably laugh in your face but whatever.

there's no need to declare word sharing in the thread, but you must declare all of your extra or missing words in your submission post in this format: +XXX words from (some asshole) -XXX words to (other asshole) etc.

also if anybody drops out before you submit, you guys can fight over their words like a pack of rabid dogs. they still forfeit to their opponent, but at least you get their words (you'll still lose)

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The Wilton Stars

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