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Date: 1-26-2016
Word Limit: 1300
Words Written: 20,475

Judges (crits):
Ironic Twist
Sitting Here

Audio Recap: Junior-high antics
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I don’t know about y’all, but I loved all the saltiness and whining that came after last week’s deadline. And by “loved”, I mean “was completely disgusted by”. “Waaaaaaah I didn’t win my braaaaaaawl you dumb judges didn’t get my stoooooooryyyyy I’m going to spend all these words on Monday afternoon complaining when I could’ve used half of those words on Sunday to not shit the bed half as hard”.

You sniveling little fucks belong in junior high school.

So that’s exactly where we’re going.

Welcome to Domegrassi Junior High School, a modest-but-large educational institution in the heart of America Town, America.

Reminiscent of Voidmart Week, all of your stories will take place inside or around Domegrassi Junior High. You can be a teacher, a student, a lunchlady, a secretary, the delinquent smoking cigarettes under the bleachers, whoever, just so long as your story takes place in the same shared universe.

Three roles are restricted to a single story, however.

They are: The Principal, The Vice Principal…and The Janitor. First come-first served.

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