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Date: 3-14-2016
Word Limit: 1300
Words Written: 23,808

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anime was right

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write a story about a knight. not a squire. not a lord. a knight. you dont have to abide by sword and sorcery, just keep things tight and knightly.

also, because knights are full of honor, there are three honorable rules in addition to the other usual ones:

1: there will be no middle of the pack stories this week. honorable people live or die by honor. should you not win or lose, you will be guaranteed either a dishonorable mention or an honorable mention. dont shame your ancestors here folks.

2: killing is not honorable (and predictable and boring). for every character that is murdered in any fashion, or dies in a violent manner, subtract 100 words from your word limit.

3: you will be assigned a CODE OF CHIVALRY that your knight must abide by and must be relevant to the story.

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