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Date: 12-11-2012
Word Limit: 1000
Words Written: 10,908

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V for Vegas
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Ok, bitches. Daddy back from his three month drunk and HE MAD.

Fucked if I know who the other Judges are, I'll edit the bastards in, but the prompt is simple. Per Rose Wreck's sharp observation above that things have been getting grim in here, so I want a love story.

Specifically, one that is neither grim, tragic, horrible or hopeless. One that moves my rusted robotic heart. that puppy needs to have a BEGINNING MIDDLE AND END. No fragments.

Also you must post a link to a youtube song or soundtrack that should be listened to while the story is read. Naturally the link must be a perfect accompaniment.

FLASH RULES: IT MUST BE BOLLYWOOD. The romance cannot be heterosexual.

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