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Date: 5-16-2016
Word Limit: 999
Words Written: 25,403

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Grizzled Patriarch

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Lethal Weapon, Blazing Saddles, Rush Hour, Turner & Hooch, Starsky & Hutch, Die Hard, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Odd Couple, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Dog Day Afternoon, The Fisher King, Miami Vice, Men in Black, Weekend at Bernie’s, Point Break, Shrek, Monsters Inc, Up, Hot Fuzz, Thelma and Louise, Dumb & Dumber, Tommy Boy, Midnight Run, District 9, Beverly Hills Cop, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Grumpy Old Men, The Emperor’s New Groove, Bad Boys, Ride Along… DO YOU SEE WHERE I’M GOING WITH THIS???? Those are examples of buddy stories. I like buddy stories. I want more buddy stories. You’re gonna give me more buddy stories. That means you're gonna write me a story with two protagonists who are a bit of an odd couple (but who aren’t actually a “couple” because they’re buddies NOT LOVERS this is very important thank you). I recommend going same gender to keep the flavor of the genre but your call okay.

Roger Ebert called these “Wunzas.” You know, cuz “one’s a ____ and the other’s a_____.” When you sign up, gimme a wunza. It should look a bit like this:

    Tyrannosaurus posted:


    “One’s a hard-nosed police detective and the other is a drug dealer with a heart of gold.”


    Tyrannosaurus posted:


    “One’s a chinese martial artist on a quest for vengeance. The other’s a former paratrooper with a secret.”

or maybe just

    Tyrannosaurus posted:


    “One’s a Grizzly Bear. The other’s a Mafia hitman”

You got a looooooot of freedom here. Go hog wild. But don’t go stupid please. Make me want to read a story about your suggestion. As incentive to not be stupid, I’m awarding between 1 and 301 extra buddy words for whatever you bring to the table. Don’t worry about actually using your suggestion if you don’t want to, though! You don’t have to! I don't want you to (but you can I guess)! SOOOO if you choose to use someone else’s (DOTHISDOTHISDOTHISDOTHISYESSSSSSS) then you automatically receive an additional 200 buddy words. Talk about sweet!

Oh!! And, what would could be more BUDDY STUFF!!! than teaming up with another writer, right? Right?! So get in the buddy spirit and grab a buddy and submit buddy stories with the same buddy characters and you can share words! Or you can just submit one singular story! Yes! How fun! I will also (maybe) be less likely to DM you! Maybe!!!

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