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Date: 6-20-2016
Word Limit: 1800
Words Written: 14,949

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spectres of autism
Ironic Twist

Audio Recap: Teen Adventure Week
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ok so the theme for this week ive decided is teen adventure. these books got big in the 1920s and 30s because nobody wanted to really think about what they just did to germany. its suburban america and teens need stories to inspire them to ask out betsy to the prom already.

im going to quickly breakdown relevant subgenres, all of which feature teens having adventures.

the most famous is mystery stories. examples would include the hardy boys and nancy drew. kids are usually related to law enforcement figures somehow so they have resources to call on when shit gets real. usually tho they do the hard part themselves. bad guys are criminals who break laws to make fast cash.

teens can also be brilliant inventors. tom swift is an example of this. usually any adventure they have is related to the pursuit of knowledge and discovery. usually they use their own inventions to outwit the bad guys, who are usually foreign powers.

teens can play sports. this is fairly str8forward. bad guys are the opposing team, which usually enjoys cheating. or there is some sort of conspiracy to rig these important high school games to also make fast cash.

teens can also be cowboys. in 20s/30s america cowboys were still real. usually these teens help out on their parents ranch. bad guys are usually rustlers. at this point natives are good guys and one will be hanging around to be the cowboy teens pal maybe.

there are other genres probably which idk anything about specifically but i hope that breakdown helps out anyone who doesnt know that teens can do things.

here are some quick ground rules:

no death. the cool thing about being a teen is that you dont have to worry about death for a while. no one dies, not teens, not bad guys, not anyone.

no profanity. yeah.

no sex. relationships are sweet and wholesome and percentage wise mostly (!) platonic.

laws are good. this is important. laws are there for a reason and if someone breaks them its a bad thing. breaking laws makes you evil and i cant stress this enough.

break any of those important rules and youre dqed.

i picked the word count by opening my copy of hardy boys #2 the house on the cliff and seeing how long it was. its 180 pages so you all get up to 1800 words lol im gonna kill my self.

if you ask for a flash i start grabbing books at random and assigning obscure macguffins. these are the new editions which have flashlights in the designs so that seems funny. this nets you a neat 200 words to make it 2000 words in total. i will see how i feel about reading extra td words so take yr chances.

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