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Date: 2-6-2017
Word Limit: 0
Words Written: 30,541

Judges (crits):
Jay W. Friks
Fuschia tude

Audio Recap: Magic: the Gathering Week
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We're all nerds here, right? And we all like assignment prompts, right? Well, have I got a deal for you:
Magic: The Gathering week. When you get in, I or another judge will assign you three random Magic:The Gathering Cards for your prompt. You can use anything about them: the rules text, the flavor text, the art, the name, with one exception. You cannot use any proper noun on them. (Exception: in the rare case where the proper noun is a real-world historical or mythological figure, go right ahead, if you want.) Same thing goes for fantastic races: you can use real world mythological creatures’ names, like Goblin or Dragon, but not MTG-Specific ones like Sliver or Mogg.

This is mostly an inspiration-type prompt, so don’t feel the need to shoehorn more prompt elements than will actually fit in your story. Unless you submit something that has literally no connection to any of your cards you’re not likely to get into prompt trouble. (If you get all you need from just two cards or even just one, that's perfectly fine.)

There's one other catch, though. Since I don't want a bunch of generic fantasy, one more rule. Your story must be set on Earth, and in a time between 100 years ago and today.. You absolutely can use an alternative history or secret history magical version of Earth, but it must still be recognizably Earth.

But... if you really need to tell a story set in your special elfland or ancient rome or deep space or something, I’ll let you ignore this rule if and only if you toxx yourself for this week.

Also, Stories about games, especially M:tG-like games, will piss me off. You'd better be extra sure of yourself before trying them, because ignoring this advice is a good way to get a DM or loss.

The usual bans apply: no nonfiction, fanfiction, erotica, political rants, etc. (Poetry? sure, knock yourself out if you want.)

20 Total Submissions, 7 Total Failures: