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Date: 4-24-2017
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 24,373

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This week I’m looking for some crime fiction. Not mysteries, not police procedurals. Stories about criminals, doing their thing. Complicated heists. Wacky capers. Assembling the string, betrayals at the split. Elaborate confidence schemes. Well-executed assassinations. Or cascades of poor decisions leading to calamity. Think Donald Westlake (Richard Stark included), Elmore Leonard, Carl Hiaasen, Lawrence Block. Think the Coen Brothers and Tarantino. You’re probably going to have a cast of fairly unpleasant characters. Keeping the reader interested and engaged will be your challenge.

Feel free to cross over with other genres. Pre-90s Period pieces may make stealing cash more viable, or you may want to do a Western, Fantasy, Science Fiction or what-not version.

No Fanific, nonfiction, erotica (sexually based crimes are, as the voiceover tells us, considered particularly heinous, and will be a very hard sell), poetry, political screeds

Word Count: Well, I said ‘complicated’ and ‘elaborate’, so let’s say 1500 words. If that’s not enough, toxx up and you can have unlimited words.

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