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Date: 5-8-2017
Word Limit: 1100
Words Written: 15,870

Judges (crits):
Uranium Phoenix

Audio Recap: Superhero Week
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This week, I want to see some stories set in a superhero universe.

You don't need to write stories of superheroic action. You can, but almost any kind of stories should work. Still, it should matter to the story that they're in a world where that sort of thing happens. And speaking of worlds, since superhero universes are usually shared between a wide array of creators, this is a collaboration week, in the style of Voidmart and Domegrassi of 'dome history. Share characters, locations, backstory, and so on, in small or large groups. It's allowed, and even encouraged: people who join in the collaboration side get 500 extra words to play with. Hop on IRC and I’m sure someone will set up a secret channel for you to work out the shared details. ( Edit: I'm told things might be happening in #notallhumans )I’m hoping lots of people join in this week, lots of people participate in the collaboration, and lots of people just have some fun writing. Stories with energy and joy in them will probably go over better than dark and brooding ones, but follow your own muses.

I'll be giving classic golden/silver/bronze/chrome age comic book covers as flash rules on request, each of which comes with 100 extra words Don't use the fictional characters on those covers, even with the serial numbers filed off. Just let the situation depicted inspire your story. If you want, you can specify a publication date for your cover

No Fanfic, Erotica, Politcal Rants, Poetry. Also, No Origin Stories. If you feel the need to tell who a superperson is and how they came to be, it had better take up less than 5% of your story.

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