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Date: 6-12-2017
Word Limit: 750
Words Written: 5,931

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i won so its dog week. you go to this website http://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/ and you pick a dog and link it in your sign up post (or you can have me pick a dog) and you write a story based on that dog. no repeats. note: your story does not have to include that dog, or a dog at all, but will just have to be inspired by said dog. you can be inspired by whatever. you can pick a chihuahua and have it set in mexico or you can pick a white fluffy dog and someone in your story can have white fluffy hair. or you can have the dog in it, i dont really care. oh yeah and no dogs can die because thats against the law.

rules: no poetry, no google docs. if you deem your erotica or fanfic to be worth my time reading, then you do you. also please do not write about dog fucking morally inept. also remember all dogs are good!!!!!!!!!!!

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