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Date: 7-11-2017
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 12,952

Judges (crits):
Dr. Kloctopussy
The Saddest Rhino

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They say good things come in pairs, which must be why I won Wizard Week twice! Yay! Or was it bad things that come in pairs? Well, if there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that some things come in pairs: twins, shoes, eyes. Bad Cats.

But what about cops and robbers? Cops and their Buddy Cop? Husbands and Wives? Mistresses and Wives?

Ups and Downs! Ins and Outs! Heavens and Hells! Winners and Losers! (that's some foreshadowing for you, fyi)

So, pick a pair of some sort. Two of a kind, opposites, vague parallels. It can be literal, it can be esoteric, it can be quite nearly anything you want, except a solo or a trio. And then! A story! Well, you knew it had to come sometime. Write a story that at the very least touches on the pair of things/people/places/ideas/etc. and how they relate to each other. What ties them together? How do they mirror each other? How does the reflection thrown back by one affect the other?

If you want to share your pair when you sign up, go for it, they are cool to see. If not, I will forgive you. Because you know what goes together? Transparency and dirty secrets.

DON'T post them in your story post, please.

Other than that, go hog Bad Cat wild, with the usual caveats: no fanfic, no erotica, no nonfiction. Poetry is allowed, though perhaps not recommended.

As ever, all entries will be judged nearly entirely on how much they are enjoyed. Definitely not by printing them out and putting them in front of some Bad Cats and seeing which ones they try to eat first. Definitely not.

But wait! There's more!


Everyone likes getting prizes, and now you can get one just for signing up! (kind of)

People who :toxx: will get an extra-special custom picture of a Bad Cat, holding a little placard with your username or whatever else you want on it (some limitations may apply). Or you can make some other request, maybe the Bad Cats will be a little less bad out of pity and/or respect and do it for you. Who knows what a cat even thinks.

The winner will get 5 minutes of bonafide cuddling with the Bad Cat of their choice! (transportation to and from Bad Cat Mansion not included.)

Cat pictures aren't flash rules, they are just prizes. You don't need to write about cats. Cats are not part of the prompt. They are just here to keep me company, so I feel a little less alone in the world.

If you want a Flash Rule you will be assigned a 90s dance hit.

Special Double Bonus!
You can, if you want, work in groups of two (2) this week! That means 2 people, 1 story. Party Time! Excellent! (No 90s comedy fan fiction please)

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