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Date: 8-1-2017
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 20,590

Judges (crits):
Uranium Phoenix

Audio Recap: Thunderdome's fifth birthday
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Lord Thaddeus Domerci, a man of mystery around whom many rumors and dire foretellings swirl, has invited us one and all to celebrate his birthday in the magnificent Domerci Manor. Stories are told about this house--as many stories, nearly, as the house has rooms, though the exact count of chambers is vague. You see, there's no end to the Manor's doors. Past each one waits a room that's distinct from every other; a gentleman's study from the late nineteenth century sits across the hall from a glass dome looking out on the vacuum of space. Lord Domerci has more gardens besides than any one man should. I've heard tell of a pond in one with swan boats that glide on their own, and another, they say, holds a graveyard with epitaphs no one still living can read....

Your protagonists have come to Domerci Manor on the night of the festivities. Why? That's up to you. The eccentric lord has sent invitations to the rich and the poor alike, but any party like this one will also have its gate crashers. Maybe your characters are looking for something, or for someone. Maybe they're only here for the drinks and will get caught up in matters beyond their comprehension. They could find love! Or hate! Or death! Or a necrophiliac orgy in the basement! (Please don't find a necrophiliac orgy in the basement.) Anything is possible--it's that kind of evening.

This is a shared world prompt, but one that allows you to go your own way if you'd rather. It's entirely possible to be at Domerci's party and miss any number of happenings, especially if you're caught up in your own! Entrants are welcome to conspire, to share characters and rooms--IRC is useful for this--but keep this in mind: Each story must have one author. Each story must stand alone. Don't depend on someone else's work to explain yours. If collaboration isn't your thing, then create your own room or rooms and don't worry about what anyone else is doing. The judges won't hold that against you.

There's one character who should be at least slightly consistent, so have a brief description of the Man Himself:

    Kaishai posted:

    :toot: Our Gracious Host! :toot:

    Lord Thaddeus Domerci is the intimate acquaintance of no one. To the best of society's knowledge, his life is free of the encumbrance of love. His heart is dedicated instead to his Manor and the preservation thereof--a trying task, as any of his servants would tell you--and a passion for competition in all its forms, whether it be a friendly game or the sort of brawl that fills graves. It is said by some that he is a literary connoisseur. Those who have seen any of his libraries (did you imagine the Manor had only one?) question both that statement and his taste, however.

    Despite his less than empathetic nature, Lord Domerci will be found roaming the halls of his party, sharing wine with the guests he recognizes and with those he doesn't. The majority will be of the latter type. His cryptic manner may charm, unsettle, or anger, but no reaction fazes him. Is he even listening when you speak? Perhaps. He's certainly attentive to anything that threatens to bring his party to a halt. Persistent threats may be put down with more force than one mortal man should be able to muster.

    He has a black goatee, a sharp tongue, the apparel of a gentleman, and eyes that have stared unblinking at a thousand horrors.

Can't decide on what room(s) you'd like to explore? You're in luck, sort of, because the judge team will hear your pleas and assign you a past week of Thunderdome to use as setting inspiration. Setting, note! Let's say you get Week CCV. Your room had better be cosmic and horrifying, but if you want to use it as a backdrop for a touching romance or a buddy comedy, have at.

As is traditional when it comes to special anniversary shenanigans, the winner of this week won't run the next week. That honor/horror belongs to Fleta Mcgurn. Instead, the victor gets the thrill of beating everybody else into the ground, perhaps a sparkly new avatar, and delightful freedom from having to do any work afterward!

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