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Date: 11-29-2017
Word Limit: 1000
Words Written: 12,739

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Well, fuck. It's been a while since I sat atop the bloody and mutilated corpses of my foes wearing nothing but a mouse-related fursuit and the personal fragrance of victory. This is, however, the tenth time ever, so I'm going to celebrate double figures by indulging myself a little. Because...

...well, fuck.

So enough about my glorious, perfect ascent from the depths of losertarhood to throne of spikey bone by naught but my own bootstraps and the empowering, yet festering, hatred of my family for the time I spent crying over my laptop and throwing empty bottles at them.

In the spirit of that liquor-soaked bitterness - This week you will be penalized for writing a clear story in which someone wants something, has difficulty getting it, and then gets it (or doesn't).

Instead you are free to write whatever other kind of prose you like so long as it's interesting and meaningful, coherent things happen.

You might try a conflictless narrative structure

You might try a Gene Wolf style where the reader has to puzzle out what the fuck is going on - but every necessary hint is there (and it better be there! This isn't an excuse to just wank)

Or you might try having a crack at the weird thing you've always wanted to do but thunderdome just never had the right prompt.

The only thing do you have to do is state when you sign up "Here is a writing aspect I am bad at." Your piece will show that you can, in fact, do it without sucking.

You have 1000 words and nothing to lose but the prison of others' expectations.

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