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Date: 12-12-2017
Word Limit: 1300
Words Written: 19,583

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Audio Recap: Video Game Week
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It’s my birthday this week, and looking back at my life thus far, I only wish I could have played more video games.

For this week you will sign up and I will assign you a video game and you will then take that game and write a story about it and get disqualified, or, OR you could instead not do that and take a nonzero amount of iconic elements from that video game and merge them with your own ideas to write an entirely new, independent story that has nothing to do with video games at all! Go you!

Here’s an example.
Prompt: Super Mario Bros
Good: A magical plumber travels through pipes to pop up in other people’s houses and lecture them about proper waste disposal, scaring everyone shitless and triggering a national emergency
Bad: The plumber is Italian and he stalks a woman who is obviously Peach
Worse: Somebody tries to beat the global Super Mario high score

If you’re not sure, it’s really as simple as taking one or two elements from the game and then not writing about any of the other shit. Make your own damn story. If reading through your first draft makes you feel dirty, start over. I swear to god I will fucking end you if you write dumb fanfic.

The point of this week is not to write about video games but to be inspired by cool video game shit to write cool stories. Well I can’t wait to be disappointed.

Secret Hard Mode: If somebody else has gotten a game where you’re like, well fuck, I have the greatest idea ever for that and this GOOF is just going to waste it, you can say so when signing up and you will also get that game. The drawback is that you will automatically eat a DM if your story isn’t better than theirs, so you better be sure! If multiple people pick this option for the same game, they obviously have to beat each other as well. Buckle up bitch, this is hard mode.

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