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Date: 4-3-2018
Word Limit: 1800
Words Written: 34,426

Judges (crits):
Fuschia tude

Audio Recap: Competition Week
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You train relentlessly. Your time, your sweat, every inch of your mind is dedicated towards it. The day comes, when everyone else comes to beat you down. A single day. A single decision. A single moment is all it takes to separate winners and losers.

That is the moment we live for, competitor and fan alike.

Welcome to Thunderdome! I am your head judge, Tanz! This week, you're going to pour everything you have into a story about competition. Specifically, a story centered around a competition, with two or more characters, at least two of which are competitors in the competition that your story centers around, which contains conflict between those competitors and a resolution to their conflict. Those are required.

This isn't rocket science, it's basic writing, but it's worth pointing out so nobody writes me a characterless and plotless think-piece instead.

Pick a competition in your sign up post. It can be any type of competition, from sports to singing to business to basket-weaving, with one exception: You can not select a writing competition. If you write about a writing competition, you receive an instant DQ. Before you get clever on me, this also extends to a poetry competition or anything else I think toes that line. Feel free to pick something someone else picked, though, as it'll make the tears and triumph all the sweeter. I'll even treat everyone who does as brawl entrants, with their own crits to reflect that, in addition to being competitors on our main stage.

Suggestion: Choose a competition you're passionate about! I don't have an opinion either way about professional wrestling, but just today I watched a thirty minute video about it because the guy presenting was just that passionate.

Those who are looking for a good challenge can request a competition as a flash rule instead.

No erotica, fanfiction, nonfiction, poetry, political satire, political screeds, GoogleDocs, or quote tags.

Word bounty: +200 words to get a leg-up on your competitors if you're within the first half of sign-ups (rounded down). Don't worry if you don't make it in that gap, as everyone loves a good underdog story.

20 Total Submissions, 5 Total Failures:

Failures who signed up but did not submit: