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Date: 4-23-2018
Word Limit: 1200
Words Written: 17,219

Judges (crits):
Uranium Phoenix

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Teenagers. When they’re not busy skateboarding, or rubbing their parts together, they’re having existential crises and breaking laws.

I remember my teenage years as deeply confusing, frustrating, and among the best of my life.

This week, I want stories that capture the spirit of adolescence in all of its chaotic glory. Was your's different than mine? Sure it was! That’s OK! Write it how you want it, but deep down, your story should smell like teen spirit.

All of your major characters must be between the ages of 14 and 19.

This does not mean that your story must be intended for a young adult audience.

If you want, you may request a flash from something “teenagery” and either me or one of my judges will serve you up with something fresh.

SIDENOTE: The winner of this week will not be judging next week, but will, instead, be judging week 301!


    Chili posted:
    OK, everyone, as a thanks for rolling with my prompt shift, I'm gonna throw a prize into the pot!

    There's a quarterly contest called Fiction War that many domers have submitted to before, and some have even placed and won money in!

    It's a fun little contest where you get a prompt, and have just the weekend to put together a piece of flash fiction. The next one that a person could join will happen the weekend of July 20th. But, signups are open now.


    The winner this week will receive an entry ticket, from me, into the contest! A real prize valued at $25.00 with the potential to go on and win $1,000

    Get fightin word nerds. There's a bounty to pursue!

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