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Date: 4-30-2018
Word Limit: 1200
Words Written: 26,625

Judges (crits):
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Audio Recap: Attention, Voidmart Shoppers!
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For three hundred weeks, Thunderdome has lovingly served the Void by recounting highly true and accurate tales from the world-famous Voidmart megastore. Occasionally other stories are told, but I think we all know Thunderdome is at its finest as a vehicle for Voidmart. As CEO, I am pleased to provide yet another thrilling opportunity for you, my Voidlings, to once more celebrate the indefatigably celebratable megastore of our hearts.

This week, you are going to write stories in shared fictional world of Voidmart!

What is Voidmart?

Voidmart is an improbably large superstore that sells goods ranging from diapers to guns to exotic lifeforms. The average customer will, in their lifetime, only explore a fraction of Voidmart's extensive sales floor. It's known for having the most loyal and happy employees, or else. :) :) :)

A bit about the setting

This is pretty much the same as the previous two Voidweeks:


    Voidmart is huge. It puts all other megastores to shame in both size and range of products offered.

    For a big-box store, it's not actually very boxy. In fact, its roof is oddly dome-shaped. Fluorescent lights hang from beams that criss-cross above the many, many aisles.

    There are cameras everywhere, and security is top notch. Still, there are spots where even the all-seeing eye of loss prevention cannot look.

    Management lurks in a foreboding office at the top of a dark flight of stairs. I'm not too fussed about where in particular those stairs are located in the store.

    Voidmart's in-house coffee brand is called Golden Bean. A Golden Bean cafe is located near the front of the store, so customers can energize themselves and shop longer.


Job descriptions

In previous years, I, your beloved CEO, have gorgeously assigned each of you a role within the idyllic, egalitarian hierarchy of Voidmart. This time, however, I’m letting you choose your own role, department, or customer archetype. The only restriction is that the majority of your story must take place inside Voidmart or on Voidmart grounds.

You might choose to be a customer, an employee, a member of senior staff, or perhaps even an infiltrator from a rival company! Rrrr! There is no restriction on genre; Voidmart is huge enough to encompass everything from paranormal romance to sci-fi to realism. (However, even the Voidmart CEO has the taste and sense to ban goon erotica from the aisles.)


While it is perfectly acceptable to work independently this week, you are encouraged to collaborate with your fellow Voidlings! This can be done in big or small groups, via IRC, email, PM, Google Docs, or whatever platform you’re most comfortable with. Please keep in mind that your story must stand on its own, even if you use people or events from other writers’ stories. The winner will be the person who writes the best piece, regardless of whether or not they collaborated.

If you are looking for people to work with, consider hopping onto #Thunderdome on SynIRC and asking around.

We here at Voidmart value the autonomy and integrity of our employees and will never ever infiltrate your collaborative groups!



In celebration of Voidmart’s recent acquisition of Monty Hall’s soul, we are giving YOU, dear Voidlings, the chance to go home with a fabulous flash rule! If you would like a shot at an incredible prize, simply choose one of the three doors:

Your prizes* will be revealed on Thursday. Participation in this aspect of the week is optional. You are welcome to simply write Voidmart vanilla. All contributions honor the Void! However, the senior staff has hand-selected some of the finest spontaneous specimens available for those who wish to add a dash of daring to their odes to the oligarchy.

*May not contain actual prizes

This week is all weird, what do I get if I win??

The winner of this week gets a prize! The winner of week 299 judges week 301.

No erotica, no screeds, no google docs, no poetry, no bullshit.

22 Total Submissions, 9 Total Failures: