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Date: 5-14-2018
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 15,374

Judges (crits):
Jay W. Friks

Audio Recap: Calvino Week
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For this week, I'd like you to write fiction pieces creating and describing fictional settings. The setting, and its geography and/or society, should be the focus of your story; think Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities and Jorge Luis Borges's "The Lottery in Babylon." Your setting can be realistic or fantastic, gritty or wondrous, densely populated or empty; what I'm looking for is evocative prose making an imaginary place feel real.

For this week, traditional narratives are optional. You're welcome to have characters and plots as you see fit, but spending a lot of the word count on a standard "someone wants something and tries to get it / faces a conflict" story may not be the best choice. If you've ever wanted to write a Thunderdome story where nothing happens and get away with it, this is your week! Just, y'know, hit the prompt.

No erotica, fanfiction, political screeds, Google Docs, or quote tags/other archive-breaking stuff.

Flash rules are available upon request and will be photographs of real-world geographical features, to use as inspiration.

12 Total Submissions, 6 Total Failures: