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Date: 5-21-2018
Word Limit: 1000
Words Written: 11,306

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I wish to know them... through the power of not-crap flash fiction.

Humanity, right. It just sits there on its wee rock, peering into the universe with eyes and ears that barely register a miniscule fraction of the actual universe. What if those senses could be opened a little wider. What would they see or hear...or feel? Would it be wonderful or terrible, horrifying or boring in a surprisingly interesting way?

Could these things be learned from a visitor, an overdue library book, or a grain of sand? And why isn't Humanity supposed to know them anyway? Who the hell says not?

You have a thousand words to answer these or similar questions. No erotica, google docs or other badnesses. I'm not a stickler on genre, cosmic horror through to drawing room comedy could all work. Surprise me!

You may ask for a flash-of-insight rule, but it may not be what you thought you wanted as it will come with a SAN check either extra or fewer words

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