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Date: 8-21-2018
Word Limit: 1200
Words Written: 8,962

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Bad Seafood
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This week's prompt centers around the proverb measure twice, cut once. That means three things:
  • Preparation (or lack thereof) for a significant moment or action;
  • The moment or action itself; and
  • The outcome and consequences of the moment or action.
How do your characters prepare? What does this say about them? What do they learn from the outcome? These are all questions that I will probably come back and edit once I'm not rushing out the door to work. Want to flip it around and show the consequences of "measure once, cut twice" or "cut once, measure twice"? Go for it.

The usual rules apply: no quote tags, erotica, fanfic, Google Docs, etc. As always, volunteer judges are welcome.

If you want you can request a flash rule, given by whichever judge gets round to it first.

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