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Date: 11-5-2018
Word Limit: 1250
Words Written: 7,919

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Okay, let's keep this simple. Write me some stories about dragons. These can be metaphorical or literal, although if you just write me a story about the TVTropes "The Dragon" definition, I will be unhappy with you and might DQ your ass. Dinosaurs don't count as dragons unless they're magical dinosaurs or something. Cockatrices, amphisbaenae, and other mythological quasi-dragons are good to go. You probably know what a dragon is. Follow your heart.

No horror. Action is fine, people being afraid is fine, but we've had a pretty horror-y past few weeks and I'd like to see people move away from Spookytown.

Flash rules are available upon request; they will be various kinds of mythological dragons, to serve as inspiration.

Standard rules apply: no erotica, fanfic, political screeds/topical political satire, Google Docs, or archive-breaking coding.

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