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Date: 4-30-2019
Word Limit: 2000
Words Written: 16,819

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Fleta Mcgurn
Nikaer Drekin
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Ulsan Industrial Complex at night

That's Korean for "bad writing" and, well, that's where our prompt is coming from.

It's very important to have pride in one's city! Korean cities have some of the best, and funniest slogans I've ever seen.

Here is a compilation of Korean city slogans. Pick one you want, or ask me to assign one to you. Obviously, these are meant to be more inspirational than literal- I don't care if Korea appears in your story at all, let alone whatever industrial hellhole you've chosen as your muse. You do not have to include the actual slogan in your story, but I should be able to read it and go "oh, okay, I get how this refers to Exquisite Ssamjang*, or whatever.

What I'm looking for here is for you to take these nonsensical mottoes and find the emotion, the hope behind them. For example, "It's Daejeon!" isn't much of a rallying cry in and of itself, but put yourself in another's shoes and examine how it could be. Maybe IT'S stands for something important to the city [spoiler]it does; Information, Technology, Science[/spoiler], maybe someone is so relieved to arrive that they have a series of wacky adventures, maybe Daejeon is the name of a monster coming around the corner. Get creative and allow your brain to work in a weird way.

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