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Date: 4-8-2013
Word Limit: 0
Words Written: 23,697

Judges (crits):
Sitting Here
The Saddest Rhino
Erogenous Beef

Audio Recap: The original Rewrite Week
Week Archivist:

Alright you bastards, the old fucking guard is back in the judge's sanctum and we're doing something a little fucking different this week. Fuck.

As I look around the 'dome, I see mounds of wasted flesh, and those desiccated story corpses are starting to pile up. This prompt is going to require a slight amount of reading comprehension, try not to lose your shit:

1)Pick a PAST Thunderdome entry. It must not be one of your own. Entries are on a first come basis. Once someone has chosen a past story, no one else may choose that story You can choose entries from either Thunderdome thread. The link to the old one is in the OP.

2)REWRITE that story, entirely in your own words. The goal is to improve upon it. Don't feel compelled to rewrite the story scene-by-scene, but it should be similar enough that someone who read the previous story would recognize themes, characters, plot, etc.

3) There is no hard wordcount, however your rewrite must be NO MORE than 100 words over the original wordcount.

4)Please post a link to the story you're rewriting, along with the original wordcount.

5)BONUS SHIT OMG READ THIS: If someone, anyone WINS by rewriting an entry that was the loser of its week, I will personally buy you the avatar/custom title of your choice and you will be known for all eternity as a Cool Dude.

I reserve the right to punish people similarly for fucking up stories that won or were runner up. Choose wisely, choose boldly.

BTW, before you ask, yes, only one person gets to rewrite Hard and Deep.

Now go forth and disappoint.

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