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Date: 9-25-2019
Word Limit: 2600
Words Written: 18,554

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Back in the day, video games barely had graphics. We had to use our imagination and stuff. To be honest, it kinda sucked. But one thing those classic Atari games had was great cover art.

This week, you will have to go out and find an Atari 2600 game, Here's a list, and drop an img of the cover with your entry post. One to a game, and if you want you can use 3rd party games without the Atari house style. Then write a story inspired by the art and title. (No fake covers, photoshops, or Custer's Revenge allowed.)

If you'd rather have me to pick one for you, you're going to have to toxx up.

The thunderdome wizard up in the picture above will provide flash rules on request.

Don't: write erotica, fanfic, screeds, poetry, use licensed characters from the game, or write about video games themselves.

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