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Date: 11-26-2019
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 8,940

Judges (crits):
Jon Joe
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hello, im gonna abuse my dumb idiot powers to force you to do things that i think are interesting and u probably dont but oh well guess u shouldve won u idiot. so this week i want stories about internet communication. that is, i want stories about the interactions we have with people that are hundreds or thousands of miles away who we may never see or even learn the names of. i imagine this shouldnt be too difficult to understand since all of you are extremely online idiots on a dead and gay forum who are competing in a no-stakes fiction writing contest.

anyways here's generally what i want:
stories that are generally based on reality. basically, little to no speculative fiction. ill be lenient and say if you really wanna invent some form of new internet communication, then okay, but it should be reasonable to exist in like the next 5-10 years.
stories that are focused on the interactions people have on the internet. it doesnt need to be ONLY through the internet, so you can have them meet irl (in real life), but these kinds of relationships we have with others through online communication should be the main focus of your story

otherwise, that's really it. you can still have magical or surreal stuff so long as the focus of the story is on these new relationships we have with weirdos on twitter

oh yeah and fuck it if you sign up you get a song from a video game i like. you dont even have to use it i just had fun doing that last time

rules: no poetry, no google doc links

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