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Date: 12-16-2019
Word Limit: 1400
Words Written: 8,443

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Simply Simon
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This week there will be words that look like what I usually make in the lab (I suck at synthesis).


Alright you starving poets, dirty artists and coffee shop hipster aspiring “artists”, it’s time for the humanities to take a step back into the shadows where they belong, and give the natural sciences their due. Did any of you fucks even publish something? Well, I did, while getting my PhD, so suck it liberailures. This week will be dedicated to hard facts, empirical research, meticulous studies and lab reports written without an ounce of feeling, personality or emotion.

That sounds like a boring fucking week? Well, why don’t you show me the soft side of hard science then? Prove to me that love can bloom in the laboratory, between beakers and in flasks!

Results and Discussion

You are going to write a story about Chemistry. Why this science in particular? Because it’s my field, and I can laugh at you with the full force of my academic merits if you get even a tiny detail wrong. But you’re not going to write about a reaction mechanism, are you? Think a little broader. What does chemistry mean to you? Does it just scream “poison” (aka you are very dumb)? Or does it invoke the deep emotional connection between two romantic partners (aka you think entirely in clichés)?

Or is it so much more: does it make you think of transformation, of the joy of discovery, of the deep analysis of materials the world has never seen before? Surprise me with what you can make of that!

Experimental part

However! I’m experienced in supervising wide-eyed helpless freshmen students, Bachelor Thesis candidates with hope still left in them, and something about that always melts my heart. If you’re struggling to find a project to really dig into, need some inspiration for the next step of your scientific career, then hit me up.

As a special rule, I’ll assign a specific reaction to you. I’ll give you a name (so you can google it and despair because of too many formulas), what it does (probably using too specialized big words), and why it’s important and what it means (now we’re getting somewhere). Because this will allow you to focus more on your work, it will cost you 200 words, your story will now be limited to 1200.

You don’t have to toxx for that but feel free if you think it helps your immersion.


If any of you write non-metric units you’re getting disqualified.

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