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Date: 1-28-2020
Word Limit: 1750
Words Written: 20,036

Judges (crits):
Carl Killer Miller
Week Archivist:

Ah, illness.

On the one hand, the entire breadth of human suffering. On the other, the utterly fascinating transmutation of the human form. This week, you will be writing about disease.

As you sign up, I will diagnose each of you with a particular ailment drawn from my personal journals, texts, and manuscripts. But please, stay with me. These will not be garden-variety viruses or bothersome gluten intolerances. You will each receive something rare, something frighteningly interesting, ruthless in its peculiarity, and terribly, terribly real. You may use your malady in whatever fashion you choose. I will provide basic information about each diagnosis and its potential cure, though further research is encouraged. There are no genre restrictions outside of those listed below.

Treatment algorithm:
-No erotica or fanfiction
-A flash rule in the form of disease from my library will be given with each signup.

15 Total Submissions, 9 Total Failures: