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Date: 4-14-2020
Word Limit: 1107
Words Written: 8,472

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Simply Simon
a friendly penguin
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You know, it was a tossup the other week between prompts, but since apparently y'all want to let me do this again. here we go.

One of my favorite artists has and will be Sir Elton Hercules John, born Reginald Kenneth Dwight. And that man has a discography spanning back over fifty goddamn years, starting in 1969 (nice). I can literally sit and listen to nothing else while I'm doing my works, and sometimes I have. Which gives me a lot of songs to use for a prompt, even beyond the most well known ones.

This week, you will either pick or be assigned a song by Elton John, your choice. From that song, you will write me a story that invokes the feelings, mood, lyrics, or any other part of the song. Basically that song better make me feel like you listened to the song. Some songs will automatically come with flash rules the moment you pick them or are assigned them. Which ones? You'll know when it happens!

And, because every single one of my prompts come with something else (because I'm like that) your story must also include references to one of the following: Earth, Space, or Sea. Does this mean the story takes place there? Fuck if I know, just do it, you're writing the story.

You have 1107 words to write with (11:07 being the length of one of the longer songs) and, if you want a random flash rule from my pocket of flash, you can have 193 more words for an even 1300. (Does this mean you can get two flash rules on you? You sure can! It's an exciting time to be alive and in TD.)

Standard TD rules apply: no porn, no fanfic, no google docs.

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