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Date: 4-22-2020
Word Limit: 1100
Words Written: 17,001

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(me stopping your bad words)

I am who I am, Thunderdome. Last time you let me win, I made you write fights. And, well, here we are again. I love action, what can I say?

You have 1100 words to write me an action scene.

That's it. Any kind of action you want: a sci-fi shootout, some fisticuffs, an old-timey horse chase, a taught Cold War spy thriller. It doesn't matter, so long as your scene has some real, physical, action. What does matter is that your characters are human (though not necessarily literally). That is the criteria on which your works will be judged--can I relate to your character? Do I care about the stakes?

All great action movies have great action; the best ones have great characters. Why is Die Hard the best ever? Because John McClane is a relatable everyman with marital problems. What makes Lethal Weapon great? This really, really intense scene. What about Aliens? Goddamn Ripley, that's what. It is the characters that elevate these movies, because they give us someone to connect to, and they make the stakes real.

So write me some good action (that's a prerequisite, of course), and make me care about it.

-I don't like superheroes, really. So if a win/HM is your goal, you either better be really good, or choose something else.
-The best action always has a sense of humor, whether they're comedies or not
-You need to write a story: beginning, middle, end. You can set up the sequel, if you want, but I need to be satisfied at the end of this story.
-Clarity is really important. Pay attention to your blocking. Leave the shakycam to Jason Bourne.


:toxx: for 150 bonus words
FOG OF WAR: Flash rules for 150 bonus words; ask at your own peril
TACTICAL ADVANTAGE: I will handpick you a classic action sequence for inspiration, you will get 150 bonus words.

BANNED, PER THE GENEVA CONVENTION: Erotica, fanfic, poetry, political screeds, Google docs, weird formatting

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