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Date: 4-28-2020
Word Limit: 1314
Words Written: 17,411

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The animals are scattered in the wake of the Circus Train’s crash... Mother Elephant has been hung in a mock trial. Rabbit is nursing his broken heart on the road back home. Tiger and Peacock have accepted their fate… But Fox seems to be preoccupied by late 18th century French post-structuralist philosophy, despite her dire situation...


This week, you’ll be writing about an animal (possibly more than one) fleeing from the wreckage of a crashed circus train. It is on the run from capture and is in pursuit of ultimate Truth (in any number of its varied shapes and meanings). Can it dodge both hunters' traps and philosophical entanglements? Will it need to? Success and failure come in many forms - if they come at all.

To participate, you will need to:
  • Pick an animal. It can be one that is traditionally found in a circus though that is not a requirement. It’s more important that you pick something you find interesting and that you’ll enjoy writing about. I won’t decide this for you.
  • Ask for either a philosophy or a fallacy. Your assignment must then be included in, alluded to, or, at the very least, vaguely influence your story. If you :toxx:, I’ll give you a second choice and you can use one or both.
  • Write.

Everything can be extremely metaphorical. Extrapolate as necessary. Esoterically ramble as called. Nothing matters.

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