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Date: 05-19-2020
Word Limit: 2500
Words Written: 21,057

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Sitting Here

I’m sick of irony and cynicism; the world sucks enough without us adding more darkness. That’s why, this week, I want you to write me some cool shit.

Okay, that probably requires a little more clarification: I want you to take your guilty pleasures and things you feel like you probably shouldn’t enjoy, and I want you to mash them together like you’re trying to make your dollies kiss. No apologies, no wink-and-nudge, just take your favourite shit and celebrate it. Are you super into baking, murder podcasts, and 11th-century castles? Baker solves a murder in an 11th-century castle. Do you like cute anime boys kissing and horses with ribbons in their hair and kung fu movies? Make the anime boys do kung fu horse kisses. I don’t care, just make it work. This isn't a badweek where we're trying to write goony meme stories: I want you to give me something real, straight from the heart.

Oh no that's enough, is it? Here's the prompt proper: your cool fuckin' OC is having a terrible day, but it all turns out ok.

If you want a flash rule, request one in a thread. Absolutely anybody can respond to that request by posting something they find cool. You can choose whether to incorporate it or not, but I'm trusting y'all to abide by the spirit of the week and give out something you think they're genuinely gonna get a kick out of. If there's anybody who doesn't get assigned anything, I'll fill in the missing flashes on Friday evening.

There are three main rules:

1) Be cool, baby
2) Happy endings mandatory
3) No trying to be cute and weasel your way out of sincere enjoyment

No GDocs, keep saucy shit PG-13, fuckin enjoy yourselves.

10 Total Submissions, 7 Total Failures: