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Date: 8-4-2020
Word Limit: 1000
Words Written: 12,537

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One of my favorite plays is Tom Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, which follows the escapades of two minor characters from Hamlet, set simultaneous to the events of Shakespeare’s most famous play. This week we are going to tread a similar path, by writing an original story that inhabits the same timeframe/universe of a more famous work, but instead features a minor character(s) from that work. Here’s another example of this idea, courtesy of Robot Chicken: Wrong Place Wrong Time

A couple of key points: This is not fan fiction! Your story should NOT feature main characters from the original work, although they can be included or referenced in passing. Yes, you are borrowing a setting, possibly some characters, and maybe some events from a pre-existing story. However, the challenge is to create something that is original and totally different from the original work, yet still exists comfortably in parallel to it. Events from the original work can be incorporated into your story, but focus on how your new protagonists would influence/react to them, as in the examples above. Feel free to invent new characters to flesh our your story as well.

For your original works, choose a movie from this list, brought to us by the esteemed Hollywood Reporter:
Hollywood's 100 Favorite Films

If you really, really, really want to choose a film not on that list, fuck you, fine, but you must :toxx: and I will assign you a hellrule. You can also :toxx: for 200 extra words, and I’ll give you a line or two from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead to inspire you.

You do NOT need to claim a movie to enter, unless you're choosing something not from the list.

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