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Date: 11-24-2020
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 9,849

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Yeti, lake monsters, jackalopes, chupacabra: This week, I want to see stories about Cryptids. (Link to Wikipedia) You can pick one from the list and claim it, you can invent your own completely, or you can give up 300 words and have me assign one.

Words. Yes. The base wordcount this week is 1500.

Also, when you enter I will assign you a cryptic crossword clue to inspire your story. These clues usually incorporate various kinds of wordplay rather than a straightforward definition. A basic guide on the standards of these clues can be found here and here. I want you to use the clue itself to inspire yourselves; don't put it in your story as is. Additionally, if you solve the clue and put the solution word in your title you can claim 300 bonus words.

Any genre is fine, just be sure to write about creatures that learned people are fairly sure do not exist.

The usual usual, no screeds, erotica, gdoc links, poetry, fanfic, etc.

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