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Date: 12-01-2020
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 17,448

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The theme of this week, as the cover image implies, is the Magnetic Fields' masterwork 69 Love Songs. When you sign up, pick a song from that album (first come, first served), or I'll assign you one; use that song as your prompt to write me a story about love. "Love," in this case, doesn't have to be romantic or sexual, but it does have to involve multiple people. I'm sure you can write me a great story about a man's love of pancakes, but that's not what I'm looking for this week.

The other thing I'm not looking for this week, in bold so you'll see it, is no stories about any kind of relationship/sexual violence or abuse. I don't want to read it, so don't write it! Your story doesn't have to be happy -- God knows the Magnetic Fields themselves have made great art out of loneliness and angst -- but I really don't want to read a single domestic-violence story this week.

("But Anti," I hear you say, "aren't there DV songs on the album?" Yes, there are. I will not assign them; do not choose them.)

Other than that, go nuts. Any genre is fine, as long as there's love. In fact, as a special bonus gift for this week, I will not DQ erotica. Use this terrible power as you see fit, or maybe don't?

Standard TD rules apply: no fanfic, political screeds, Google Doc links, poetry, bad formatting, and so on. You get a pass for erotica this week, but don't push your luck.

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