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Date: 12-08-2020
Word Limit: 0
Words Written: 25,037

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It's the most wonderful time of the year! And I don't just mean my return to the throne. It is now December and that means it is time to observe our greatest and most favorite holiday: Festivus. Sign up this week and celebrate with me and all your favorite TD writers. For those of you new to the dome, our festivities take place in two parts. First:

T h e . A i r i n g . o f . G r i e v a n c e s
I got a lotta problems with you people and now you're going to hear about it. I've been waiting all year for this week so expect some very special, very personal hell rules. If you're worrying that this is your first time entering or that I don't actually know you that well, don't! I'm very easily pissed off.


T h e . F e a t s . o f . S t r e n g t h
Thanks to Covid, it is impossible for us to accomplish this in the normal manner (which is to say, physically pinning me down) Also, I'm extremely powerful so I doubt any of you could do it anyway and then Festivus would never end. However, I believe I have found a work around that will satisfy both tradition and the dome's need for blood. When you sign up, you are going to pick a previous prompt that I won. You can find a comprehensive list here. Just look for the big green letters that say "Winner." There are twenty-nine of them. Your goal is to try and write a better story than I did while using the same prompt.

Whatever your chosen prompt's word count was, that's your word count. If I received a flash rule or special assignment for the week, that is yours as well.

You don't need to write a similar story to what I wrote. In fact, don't do that at all. Use the prompt and write your own thing. You're flexing your own muscles after all, not mine.

Sign-ups close Friday at midnight est
Submissions close Sunday at midnight est

Good luck and Happy Festivus!

20 Total Submissions, 7 Total Failures: