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Date: 03-17-2021
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 16,456

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Sometimes when I'm very bored, or when I'm mining for ideas, I'll scroll through ScienceBlog and look at all the neat things that I don't fully understand and will probably never impact me in any meaningful way. The pretty pictures! The science-y jargon! Gorgeous stuff. They also send a daily email roundup of all the very smart people writing neat-o things. Highly recommended.

This prompt is pretty simple: Go to scienceblog.com, pick an article, and write your entry based on that article. Dig deep, because there's a lot of cool stuff past the first page.

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Some guidelines:

1. You DO NOT have to write genre fiction, but you also totally can. There's a lot of different stuff ( smash that topics link ) so don't feel constrained by the "science" and feel like you have to do scifi. Although I like scifi.
2. Please post your article along with your entry. You don't have to, but it's just polite.
3. Ask if you want me to choose at random for you.
4. NO COVID. There's COVID stuff on there, and I'm not interested. I won't automatically DQ you for a COVID article, but unless you write something that blows me away (unlikely), don't bother.

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